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2024 December Solstice Calendar ~ send nudis!

$310.00 NZD

Welcome to the 2024 December Solstice Calendar preorder! 

(Housekeeping note: please order other items separate to this order unless you’d like everything couriered in early November with your solstice calendar!)

This solstice calendar is going to be a bit special. It's all about the gorgeous colours and intense hues that are displayed by some of our most vibrant underwater creatures - the Nudibranchs!  

There are more than 3,000 different species of Nudibranchs found all over the world (usually in salt water), all exquisitely adorned in the most glorious tones, hues and patterns.
This collection will be a Yarn Therapy palette with complex colourways creating a cohesive fade, featuring exclusive colourways nobody has seen before! There will be speckles, variegated and tonal skeins. And they’ll play beautifully together, both as a fade, or reordered to create contrast! 
I’m really excited to bring this to you. 
Will you come on the journey?  

As always, everything will be lovingly hand dyed in my little solar powered dye studio in small town Aotearoa New Zealand, before making its way to your doorstep.


The solstice calendar will comprise:

~ 20x 20g mini skeins that have been carefully and lovingly handdyed by Jo. They are designed to work together as a beautiful colour story, either in the order intended as a fade, or alternated to create gorgeous stripes.

~ 1x 100g skein, also lovingly handdyed by Jo, that coordinates with the minis and makes the whole collection sing!

~ A handmade linen project bag - strictly exclusive to this solstice calendar

~ A couple of quality surprises scattered throughout

(The images here are merely to give you an idea of some of my inspiration ...you'll have to order the calendar to see what's included this year!!) The full sized skein will coordinate with the minis, and be in the same base yarn.


Each skein will come individually wrapped and numbered so you can play along and open a mini skein each day until the full sized skein to celebrate the Solstice on the 21st…or you can open them all at once, or whenever and in whatever order you like - it’s your calendar and your business!!


Yarn base options are:


90% superfine superwash merino

10% Belgian linen

single ply construction

20g/73m each x 20 mini skeins



80% superfine superwash merino 

20% nylon

High twist 2 ply construction 

20g/73m each x 20 mini skeins


Calendars will ship out via courier in early to mid November to arrive in plenty of time for December 1st, regardless of your location! Please order the calendar by itself, since these will be specially packaged and will not ship out until November.